Golf Grip Tips: Perfect Your Golf Grip, Hit Straighter Shots, Improve Your Game

Without the proper golf grip, you’re bound to embarrass yourself on the course in front of your buddies. If you’re taking your boss or a potential client out for a business meeting on the links, and you forget to be on your best grip behavior, forget it, you’ll be out of a job real soon. Heed these X golf grip tips to hit stronger and straighter shots, impress your buddies and colleagues, and 10x your confidence in no time.

5 Golf Grip Tips

The proper golf club grip is essential for stronger and straighter shots. Follow these 5 tips to improve your game immediately.

Start with your left hand 

Assuming you’re right-handed, you’ll want to first place your left hand on the grip. Your left hand should be down the club at least an inch. You’ll then place the right hand over your left in an interlocking or overlapping grip, whichever is most comfortable.

Maintain very loose pressure

On a scale of 1 to 10, the pressure of your hands on the club should be about a 4. 

Left hand should show 2.5 to 3 knuckles

Once you decide on the most fitting grip for your game, there should be two to three knuckles from your left hand popping out under your overlapping or interlocking right hand.

Make sure the grip is in your fingers 

You should not be holding the grip in your palms. Instead it should line up with your middle knuckles.

Your golf grip is your only link to the club – Make it Perfect!

Your grip is the only place your hand touches the golf club, and ultimately the only source of control your body has over the destiny of the golf ball.

Golf grip tips: video summary

Learn a thing or two on golf grip tips from pro golfer Chris DiMarco.

The Perfect Golf Grip at the PGA Merchandise Show 2019

We attended our first show PGA Merchandise Show this year from January 22 to 25th in Orlando, FL. Post-show we’re pleased to say that we’re very excited about the future and were humbled by the intense positive feedback from so many top professionals in the industry.

In case you haven’t heard, the PGA Merchandise Show is an annual convention where thousands of new and well-known brands in the golf market get together and launch their new products and apparel, including equipment, golf carts, stylish resort wear, course maintenance products, and in our case, training aids.


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Setting up! Come see us at booth 1392 #pgamerchandiseshow2019 #pgamerchandiseshow

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Preparing for the show

In terms of marketing and preparation, this was an undertaking. We’re a relatively new business, a very small team of golf-loving entrepreneurs, handling the operations on the back end and striving to make this awesome new product more visible to the golf market. The 2019 show was our first time attending as exhibitors, and with a bit of uncertainty as to proper preparation, expectations and outcomes, many questions were asked, and we learned what we can do better for next time.

Simplicity is the key concept behind our product and we portray this through sleek and effective branding, online presence, and booth setup. Booth signs, team polo shirts and relevant marketing materials maintained a simple, cohesive, and to-the-point layout and design. We wanted attendees to immediately recognize our logo — whether spotted in the New Product Zone, on the Expo floor, or on our team’s shirts and flyers throughout the show. After all, we’re showcasing a very simple yet effective product, requiring no more than a sleek glove and grip — and did we mention it’s legal for competitive play?

In preparing it was important to keep our main objectives in mind and set clear goals around the outcomes, as much as we could considering our lack of experience with previous trade shows. Main objectives included:

  • introducing the Perfect Golf Grip to the world as the first golf product that guarantees every user a perfect grip every time
  • meeting with key decision makers from golf clubs and academies around the world
  • making new friends in the golf industry and brainstorming new ideas
  • becoming aware of competitors and trends in the marketplace
  • and of course, getting our name and our faces out there

During the show

During the show we met with decision makers, golf shop managers and buyers, golf writers, and instructors from all corners of the globe. Visitors to our booth showed genuine interest in this simple yet effective new product, and many specifically inquired about products for juniors. We noted this as something to look into for the future — perhaps the next addition to our product line.

We were featured in the New Product Zone alongside other first-time exhibitors and new products to the market. Here we had the opportunity to present the product and all of its wonderful benefits on stage, to an audience. Brian Mogg participated in the presentation and offered his professional insight, including his real-life experience with the Perfect Golf Grip as a day-to-day training aid in his golf academies.

Exhibiting in the New Product Zone gave us another opportunity to meet with visitors who may have missed our official booth. Here they were able to touch, feel, grope, grip, swing, and learn more about the product.

We informed visitors that the Perfect Golf Grip is the ONLY gripping product that absolutely guarantees the user a professional golfer’s grip no matter their playing level. We wanted each visitor to know that the Perfect Golf Grip:

  • is easy and simple to use
  • conforms to the rules of golf
  • guarantees the perfect grip, and
  • offers the highest quality tacky grip

Our takeaway

Overall the show was a success. There as an overwhelming amount of excitement and positive feedback from PGA instructors, academies and members of the press.

We gained new insights and answered many questions. We became acquainted with an international golf community. We observed other products and trends in the current and emerging golf market.
There was genuine interest in our simple and easy-to-use product. General consensus was that it’s a very good idea, useful for beginners and advanced golfers alike. While we currently only offer men’s left handed variety, there’s demand for a junior version of the product especially, among instructors and academies, in addition to a women’s product as well as right-handed gloves. We’re looking forward to nurturing close relationships with buyers and retailers in the coming months.

Some things to do differently next year would be expanding the product line to include juniors and women’s products. A larger booth may be in the works as well, with space for a hitting mat where our booth visitors can try out the product for themselves. Overall we’re excited about the future and humbled by the positive feedback from the golf industry. The Perfect Golf Grip is definitely the next big thing in golf!

Interested in working with us?

If you didn’t have a chance to speak with us at the show, don’t worry! You may still qualify for special post-show promos and wholesale pricing. Simply fill out the contact form on our site, or email and we’d be happy to discuss some options.

How to use the Perfect Golf Grip and achieve a professional golfer’s grip every time

The Perfect Golf Grip is a simple and easy-to-use new training aid which gives golfers the perfect grip every time!

How to have a perfect golf grip

The the brain-work out of your swing and simplify your game with the help of the Perfect Golf Grip. Clear your mind and focus on other aspects of the swing — focus on your stance, your posture, your back-swing — anything but the grip, because the grip is already perfect, every time!

Professional golfers test out the Perfect Golf Grip

Check out this video to see what professionals Brian Mogg and Chris DiMarco have to say about the Perfect Golf Grip.

The Perfect Golf Grip is prefect for golfers at any playing level. Amateur golfers can train with the Perfect Golf Grip to achieve the proper grip from the beginning. Experienced players can practice with the Perfect Golf Grip to correct an improper or sloppy grip.

Perfect golf grip: Consistency is key

Consistency is key in golf, and with this training aid you will consistently have the proper grip without thinking about it. Best of all, the Perfect Golf Grip is not only a training aid. In fact, it conforms with the rules of golf and is legal for competitive play.

So grab your Perfect Golf Grip now! Simply match the colors — red and blue are high priority, and then close the hand to match the yellow and green. You’ll see the results immediately!

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Golf Grip

Golf is hard. Golf can be frustrating and it can be addictive. Without a doubt, golf becomes more enjoyable as you hone your skills and master your swing. It’s all in the details: the slight upward curve in your back, the overlapping or interlocking grip, and the speed of the backswing as you move into the follow-through. Most important of all details is the grip, where the hand meets the club. Master your golf grip and improve your game overall. Follow these tips to play more consistently and lower your scores.

Perfecting your grip: 3 steps to improve your golf game

Improve your game, and you may find other areas in your life improving as well. Becoming a better player may lead you to better business opportunities, allowing time to schmooze with colleagues and clients on the course. It may become a source of stress release after a busy week, allowing mind and body to recuperate for the next busy week. Simply walking the course and enjoying the game offers its own benefits.

Notwithstanding, before you go out purchasing pricey golf lessons or special training aids, there’s one thing that can greatly improve your game, and immediately.

The magic is in the grip. The grip alone is where your body meets your club and sets the fate of the ball, and ultimately your score in the game. Perfect your golf grip, and you’re much closer to perfecting your swing and controlling the destiny of that ball, whether it lands in the hole or in the lake. Improper grip is the single most common fault among amateur golfers. Whether slicing or hooking the ball, the cause is usually this faulty grip.

A proper golf swing must be comprised of the three initial fundamentals of any golf swing: proper setup, proper alignment, and most importantly, proper grip.

Here’s how to get the most out of your golf swing from setup to follow-through.

1. Mastering the Stance

Have you ever heard… that nothing good comes out of a bad foundation? Same thing in golf. To achieve the proper swing you must make a habit of proper stance. Proper setup is the first step in achieving the perfect swing.

As you position yourself over the ball, your feet should be parallel to one another, like a number eleven, and spaced slightly wider than the width of your hips. Look down past your knees and the entire foot should be visible, not partially hidden behind and overly-bent knee. There should be a slight bend to the knees, buttocks sticking out backward, and vertebra in a straight line from hips to neck. This will cause the back to remain flat, not hunched over, while maintaining a stance which is relaxed, not rigid. With the upper body slightly bent toward ball, and torso bent slightly away from the target (though not dramatically so) your body should feel at ease.

You’ll want to stand close enough that the middle of the club face reaches ball, with your arms out straight but still relaxed. You don’t want to stand so close to the ball that the elbows must bend.

You’ll find that as you lean ever so slightly away from the target, the shoulders will be angled, with the right falling slightly lower than the left. Make sure your chin is neither too high over the horizon, nor too far down into your chest. Practice maintaining a right-angle from chin bone to neck to chest. This will allow enough space for the left shoulder to come under and around the chin on your backswing.

2. Mastering the Grip

Without a proper grip, a good golf swing is much more challenging. Think about it, the grip is the only piece of the swing where a part of your body meets the club and controls the direction and speed of the ball. Therefore proper grip is paramount.

A good golf grip means appropriate grip pressure – grip too firm and you kill your speed, because speed can only happen when there’s little tension. On a scale of one to ten, the grip should feel like a “three” in your hand. In gathering information for this article, one golfer admits to me, “my worst shots come when I’m tense and pissed off”.

A proper golf grip might vary with differing hand shapes and sizes so ultimately you’ll want to find what feels best for you. Some things remain the same though no matter what.

The grip should feel comfortable and natural, and it’s best to start with good habits from the beginning. A relaxed grip will lead to better accuracy and usually better distance.

The grip never takes place in the palm directly but rather it’s held mostly with the fingers. The left hand should remain the same no matter the grip variation that you choose. Ideally the left hand will show two to three knuckles as the right hand either overlaps or interlocks with the left. The baseball-style grip, or the overlapping grip, offers somewhat more stability than no overlap at all. An interlocking grip will invariably offer the most stability. Either way, the left hand will remain in the same position in relation to the club. It’s up to you to choose which variation feels most comfortable as each has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you find that you’re repeatedly hitting a slice, your grip may be too weak. On the other hand if you’re consistently hitting a hook, your grip may be too strong. Again, the grip is the only connection between body and club and therefore has to be perfect.

3. Mastering the Swing

Golf is only sport where a motionless ball is struck. Therefore the only way to strike it is for the body to be in same exact position from the time of setup, through the downswing and into the follow-through.

The anatomy of the golf swing begins with the slow and controlled backswing. There should be little tension in the body, which allows for a more complete shoulder turn. The same goes for the arms, elbows and hands – the right amount of effort and ease here will allow the shoulders flexibility to spin back enough. tension creates the wrong speed on the backswing (too fast – causing shoulder turn to be shorter rather than full)

At this point it is crucial that your midsection remain over the ball, neck and back still sin one line, as in the initial setup. Many amateur golfers have the tendency during the backswing to sway the torso back away from the ball, making the downswing more challenging. Maintaining the position of the torso through a light, fluid and tension-free backswing allows for proper speed on the downswing.

The downswing is where essential speed is generated as a direct result of a light grip and a tension-free backswing. Once again, you do not want to lift your midsection during the downswing before striking the ball.

The speed of the club increases through the downswing, as it strikes the ball. Follow through completely as the club swings over your left shoulder and your belt buckle turns in the direction of the target. Your weight will now shift from the ball of the back foot to ball of the front foot, as the right foot pivots. Comfortably remain balanced on your lead foot and back toes as you watch the ball fly into the distance. Your eyes remain on the ball the entire time.

Good form trumps strength: master the perfect grip every time

Good form trumps smashing the ball with all your strength. As with any sport, keep your eyes on the ball! This will help you stay focused during the backswing, downswing, and follow-through.

Master these tips and improve your golf game drastically. You’ll enjoy your game more, play more consistently and consequently lower your scores and impress your friends and colleagues.