How to Use the Perfect Golf Grip

The Perfect Golf Grip Instructions

  • The Perfect Golf Grip and Glove

    Correct fitting of the grip.  Green lines on the grip matching a square club face.

  • Matching Golf Grips Colors to Glove

    Keep the club out in front of you with the club face square-vertical leading edge and the butt of the grip pointed at your belt buckle.

  • The Perfect Golf Grip Glove Holding

    Bring the gloved hand to the club – not the club to the hand.  Match the blue and red dots first, it doesn’t matter which you do first.  The red and blue and the key colors.  Yellow is a guide and cover the green for thumb placement.

  • Golf Grips Line Up with Glove

    The gloveless hand then fits naturally onto the club.  Interlock or overlap grips, whichever is more comfortable.

The Correct Golf Grip Every Time

This product conforms with the rules of golf

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