How to Use the Perfect Golf Grip

The Perfect Golf Grip Instructions

  • The Perfect Golf Grip and Glove

    With your gloveless hand, hold the club on the shaft just below the golf grip. Make sure the club face is square (perpendicular to the ground with the club head pointing to the sky), and that the Perfect Golf Grip logo on top of the club matches the face. The face must remain square throughout the gripping process. Then, match the blue and red on the glove to the blue and red on the grip.

  • Matching Golf Grips Colors to Glove

    Keeping the red and blue connected, allow the yellow to guide your hand on top of the grip. The yellow mark does not need to be precise, and you do not need to wrap your glove around to meet the yellow mark on the grip. Next, match green to green. Keep checking that the club face remains square.

  • The Perfect Golf Grip Glove Holding

    Slide the gloveless hand down to cover the gloved hand. You will notice how the Perfect Golf Grip logo matches the crease between the gloveless thumb and forefinger. The logo and green line should appear on the top and not to the side. You may choose to interlock or overlap at this point. The choice is yours; do whichever feels more comfortable.

  • Golf Grips Line Up with Glove

    You now have a perfect golf grip. This may require several practice shots to adjust to your new proper grip form.

The Correct Golf Grip Every Time

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